Monday, March 16, 2009

Okay, I've been 'dark' for many months. No excuses, just other priorities, but that's gonna change. After my last post, over 7 months ago, the economy is still very challenging and my feelings about the church remain. Those of us who work at churches, in stewardship ministry, have a fantastic opportunity.
I just returned from the CSN (Christian Stewardship Network) Forum in Tampa. A great time of learning, fellowship and connecting with like-minded stewardship leaders from across the country...and world. As one speaker said, "God's taking us to the woodshed" as our world continues to slog through an unprecedented economic downturn. But, none of this is a surprise to God.
Scott Rodin presented thoughts from an upcoming book he's finishing. Scott is author of Stewards in the Kingdom & a great thinker in the stewardship field. His encouraged us all, telling us that stewardship is the tip of the spear in the battle of the heavenly kingdom against the earthly kingdom. Lots more to process.
If you're interested, check the CSN website, plans are to have his presentations posted in a few weeks.

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