Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Where is the church?

In our current economic situation here in the US, I'm confounded at times by the fact that the church should be at the forefront of teaching people about wise financial managment. While I can't attest to the sacred texts of other faiths, I know that the Bible is one of the best, (if not the best) financial managment handbooks. There is none better and what God says about how to handle our money and possessions not only makes sense, but it works!

Last week I met with one of our members for coffee. She's worked in banking, financial services and project management, but seemed surprised to hear there are almost 2,350 references to money and possessions in the Bible. Most people, both inside and outside the church are. Why? Perhaps because the church hasn't mentioned that fact to people in the past! Or perhaps they did, but many times it was only in reference to giving and only about the 10%, not about the other 90%.

I'm pleased that God has called me to be a part (a small one) of this generosity movement that's gaining momentum across the country. It's probably the number one issue for churches and their members, while at the same time a critical practical issue for most all Americans as we face rising gas prices, falling home prices, business cutbacks and all the other symptoms of what many economists are calling a recession.

In the midst of all that, there's a book that will help people understand and apply wise money management principles to their lives. It's called "Revolution In Generosity" by Wesley Willmer. It's a compilation of wise counsel and insight from 23 Christian leaders on how best to transform stewards to be rich toward God.

Included among the contributors are people like: Howard Dayton; Dick Towner; Ron Blue; Brian Kluth; Todd Harper; Dick Edic; Mark Vincent; Scott Rodin; Daryl Heald and many others who are well-known in Christian leadership circles.

If you get a chance, get a copy soon!